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Sit down and begin studying

Check your grades on PowerSchool to see your progress in the course. Once you have located an assessment, study as needed in order to prepare for reassessment.

Suggested resources:

Select an assessment to practice

All assessments, including reassessments, must be taken under standard testing procedures, meaning that all assessments must be taken silently and independently. In order to maximize the validity of assessments and equity in reassessment for all students, retakes will only be available during class time. Office hours are valuable opportunities to practice and prepare for reassessment opportunities available to all students during class time on a regular schedule throughout the semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have some assessments with low scores. Can I redo them? Yes. All students will receive multiple opportunities in class to demonstrate mastery of content and skills on assessments.

When are your office hours? Mondays from 3:30-4:30 pm in Room 119.

What happens if I use my phone or a computer during a retake? Your assessment may be invalidated. If the intent was to gain an unfair advantage, you may also be required to take future assessments under direct supervision.